Acoustical Pyramid

Meditative sound vibrations aligned with sacred geometry and sounds directly from the creation. More..

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Unique sounds designed to induce a daydream-like state also called a lucid alpha state.

Invocation 1.5

Invocation 1.5

A more intensive version of Invocation that should be used only after using the original Invocation for some time.



A simulation of listening to unique sounds while lying in the sarcophagus in the King’s chamber. Should only be used after working with Invocation 1.0 and 1.5.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Meditations designed with the sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid imbedded to achieve higher states of awareness.

About ARSI

Applied Resonance Systems, Inc. (ARSI) is interested in the healing methods of the ancients, such as Greek and  Egyptian civilizations, and its first product, Acoustical Pyramid, is a great compliment to alternative healing methods such as acupuncture, meditation, massage therapy and counseling.

ARSI is dedicated to the research and development of sound and sound combinations that have a healing, beneficial impact on spirit, mind and body.

Meet the Creator

The company is principally owned by Thomas G. Allen, Ph.D., a psychologist with decades of experience in counseling and hypnosis.
Thomas G. Allen

Thomas G. Allen


Tom used the golden ratio to develop a wonderful product for use by everyone.  The power of music to assist in healing, improved cognitive function, pain control, improved sleep and overall mood is by now well established in scientific research from all over the world.  Research has shown that the positive effects of music really are not about the lyrics, but about the sounds and rhythms of the music.  Excitable music results in increased heart rate and similar effects.  However, slower paced music, especially with rhythms of around 60 beats per minute, has calming, healing effects.

If you practice meditation, or would like to practice meditation, you will find the Acoustical Pyramid very helpful.

Streaming Subscription

For a small monthly or annual fee, you can stream the Acoustical Pyramid from all over the world. Your subscription includes all Acoustical Pyramid soundtracks, all Dr. Allen’s Acoustical Pyramid inspired Guided Meditations, and access to any Blog posts that Dr. Allen shares about his journey. Subscribers get complete access to any new materials that are released. Choose the payment option that is right for you.



  • Introductory Price


  • Introductory Price

Marianne Splenda

This is an unabashedly sent promo for the AP sounds to make the case that when one is going on an intercontinental flight. You should NEVER leave home without a way have these AP sounds playing in your ears for either one hour before you want to sleep on that long haul flight or to listen for one hour after reaching your hotel room to reduce jet lag!!

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