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Faced with the challenges of life we often find ourselves feeling angry, afraid, guilt-ridden, and ashamed. It is important to be at peace as much as possible. Many of us think somehow, we don’t deserve love or full love. We must love ourselves, for without self-love we cannot love others and we cannot receive the love of All-that-is-God. It is crucial to spend time alone, nurturing yourself.

How often do you feel out-of-control, stuck in an unfulfilling, dark view of yourself and the world?

The sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid will change your temperament.

Immerse yourself in the quiet of spirit and calm.

  • Learn to generate a sense of peace, and relaxation in your life.
  • Decrease your daily stress and maintain your mental health.
  • Wash away the self-serving ego and allow the expression of a new self, filled with joy and optimism.
  • Cleanse yourself of old hurts, angers, fears, and guilts.
  • Benefit from being in a place of self-caring, self-love, and open to unconditionally loving others.

To be seen you must first see yourself.

The Acoustical Pyramid is not about dogmatic control of you or your life. It puts you in touch with the power of your own choices and the power of your own moral responsibilities.

The sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid are rejuvenating. The ancient Egyptians used the Rejuvenation Chamber (sarcophagus) to do just that. In that Rejuvenation Chamber they ‘died’ So the old self and the ego-child were reborn, new, and spiritualized.

Tom uses the ‘golden ratio’ to develop the Acoustical Pyramid Sounds. The power of music to assist in healing, improved cognitive function, pain control, improved sleep and overall mood is by now well established in scientific research from all over the world. Research has shown that the positive effects of music really are not about the lyrics, but about the sounds and rhythms of the music.

Excitable music results in increased heart rate and similar effects. However, slower paced music, especially with rhythms of around 60 beats per minute has a calming and healing effect.

The Acoustical Pyramid will never bring you more than you can cope with. The sounds will improve your ability to cope.



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Original Tonal Combinations - YES

Guided Meditations - YES

Advanced Tonal Combinations - YES

Advanced Guided Meditations - YES

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Acoustical Pyramid

Intentionality is important. Why are you listening to these meditative sounds? You will find yourself in a Quiet Mind meditative state and will begin to sense ‘just being’. What you are open to experiencing will come to you either during the meditative state or afterwards. It is important to listen daily for the maintenance of your spiritual and mental health. Nothing will be forced on you and you will not be taken past your capacity to cope.
Learn how to use Acoustical Pyramid


Unique sounds designed to induce a daydream-like state also called a lucid alpha state.



A more intensive version of Invocation that should be used only after using the original Invocation for some time.



A simulation of listening to unique sounds while lying in the sarcophagus in the King’s chamber. Should only be used after working with Invocation 1.0 and 1.5.



Beyond the realms you know, there is a new world. Beyond the material there is the Self, your true Self. Let go and begin to accept this new Self; begin to accept the terrain of the new Atlantis.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Meditations designed with the sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid imbedded to achieve higher states of awareness.

Advanced Sounds

Advanced Sounds

Allow your heart to lead you past logic and reason into the deepest regions of spirit. Experience vibrations that your mind cannot grasp.
*With Advanced subscription.

Celestial Energy

Celestial Energy

Resonate with the heavens and allow your soul to touch the stars. *Available with advanced membership.

Kundalini Flow with Binaural Beats

Kundalini Flow with Binaural Beats

Experience the heartbeat of creation and the Kundalini energy flow that exists between the duality of this reality and the oneness of God. *Available with the Advanced Membership.

Acoustical Pyramid Tones can be streamed from anywhere on the planet. The Basic Membership gives you access to the original Acoustical Pyramid Tones, several of Dr. Allen’s Acoustical Pyramid inspired Guided Meditations. PLUS, notifications for all new posts that Dr. Allen shares. These posts include stories from Dr. Allen’s journeys and experiences with these Acoustical Pyramid sounds.

The Advanced Membership includes everything above with access to additional Tonal Combinations and Advance Guided Meditations. PLUS, you will be on a VIP list for future events, trip, or new materials that Dr. Allen develops.

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The Best Investment You Will Make for Yourself

There is only one drawback regarding the sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid. That is, if you don’t use them, they don’t work. Life can be quite challenging during the best of times. If you get stuck in anger, hurt, fear, guilt and shame those challenging times can become the darkest of times.

Even now our world seems stuck in a darkness.
You do not have to become a resident of that world.

There are many who would want to pull you into that world of pain, fear, and hate. You can reside there with them if you wish.

Or, you can reside within the joy of spirit and your soul group.
That residence is filled with peace, with happiness and forgiveness.

Your capacity, if you so desire, to walk away from the chaos, the pain, the fear and hate, will increase.
Listen to your own wisdom. Listen to the love within. Focus on beauty.





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