December 2022

We have been quite busy working on new and exciting developments related to the Acoustical Pyramid. There are several developments I want to share with subscribers. It has been difficult to post updates given a busy schedule and I apologize for that, but progress is being made on several fronts.

First, I had a rather revelatory dream in June of 2022. In that dream I was given specific frequencies that stimulate all seven chakras. I have been testing the resulting acoustic pattern on myself as well as several others I am working with, and the resulting effects are wonderful. The acoustic pattern includes binaural beats around a key frequency. I have searched and searched and there is nothing like this on the market. The acoustic pattern is unique. I will soon be posting the acoustic pattern on the website with the simple title of “Chakra Frequencies” in the Advanced section. One may listen to the Chakra Frequencies using typical air transmission with headphones or ear buds. However, additional effects can be had with bone conduction using a small speaker on the crown of the head, the vertex. If you can pair headphones with a small speaker on the vertex you will achieve an acoustical triangulation effect directly to the pineal-pituitary area of the brain.

Second, I am working with an electronics engineer to design and develop a new headphone technology. There will be at least two prototype variations, possibly three, for testing and hopefully for development/production. All the acoustic patterns help with “psychic capacity”, but the Chakra Frequencies take it a bit further and with the new headphone technology in development the impact on “psychic capacity” will improve even more.

All of the acoustic patterns of the Acoustical Pyramid have rejuvenating qualities. All of the acoustic patterns help to connect to the inner self, to the soul. All of the acoustic patterns can result in “imaginative reveries” and insights, depending upon one’s willingness, thoughts and expectations. Freewill can never be undermined. To benefit from the acoustic patterns, you must be willing to allow and receive. The sounds are about the ability to enter a meditative state with no formal training, but the sounds also provide a “boost.” Listening while doing something else is a distraction and not the most effective way to benefit from these rather magical acoustics. Take the time to listen while sitting or lying down and establish your intention. Why are you doing this? What is your goal? What do you expect from this activity? Sometimes you may want to just listen, enter that meditative state, and let whatever is going to happen just happen. The ego is often around, wanting to focus only on what it considers “real”, meaning physical reality or some distraction related to same. The intention to “get” the ego to expand, to accept a greater reality is important. And the ego can experience a greater sense of self that includes intuition and recognition of the soul. It “thinks” it is separate, but it isn’t.

I will, hopefully, be providing more information/updates especially regarding the new headphones. Until then, Peace and Love.