The universe itself is vibration. It is resonance. The universe sings. This was known to the ancients.

Many have speculated about the purpose and nature of the pyramids of Egypt, especially the Great Pyramid at Giza. For us, that pyramid may be about a lot of things, but mainly it is about sound. It is about ‘messages in stone’.

Now you don’t have to travel to Egypt to experience the wisdom of the ancients. Listen to the Acoustical Pyramid and be transported into the mysteries of the universe. It’s about exploring consciousness.

The Acoustical Pyramid uses specific sounds that resonate in alignment with the sacred geometry of the Great Pyramid at Giza. These sounds alter brain wave patterns and allow us to meditate and explore deeper levels of consciousness. Benefiting from these sounds does not require belief. There are no subliminal words or suggestion. It’s all about resonance or vibration in the form of sound waves.

If you practice meditation, or would like to practice meditation, you will find the Acoustical Pyramid very helpful. It will help to calm the ego-mind in order to enter a state of peace and quiet. The Acoustical Pyramid provides the healing benefits of meditation, which include decreased stress responsiveness, improved sleep, improved immune system responses, assistance in pain control, and it is a great generator of healing dreams.





Advanced Sounds

How to use the Acoustical Pyramid