Advanced Sounds

Experience the wonder that the mind cannot comprehend.  Only the heart can understand the vibrations of pure love and light that is spirit.  Let the Advanced Sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid be your guide.

Advanced Initiation

Allow the resistances to the inner world to be removed.  Begin to open to the heart, to the love.  Beyond the logical begin to enter into the TRUTH of who you really are.  You are spirit having a physical experience.  Beyond the words of logic reach into, allow, what cannot be fathomed.  Become the illumed being you already are.

Advanced Resurrection

On some cloudless night look up to the heavens and realize that who and what you are extends to the farthest reaches.  You cannot know it with your mind.  You can only know it in your heart.  Feel it to be it.  Allow yourself to be resurrected from that busy intellect.  Allow yourself to go into the heart, into the Quiet Eternity of Spirit.  You can only comprehend it with your heart for logic will fail you.

Advanced Ascension

Allow yourself to go into the deeper regions of spirit.  Here your logic will only disrupt.  It will not work.  Here only your heart can know….beyond words.  Go deeper in order to ascend.  Here you may experience frequencies of vibration too fast for your mind to grasp.  Let go the fruitless effort and comprehend with your heart.  Ascend beyond the little self you thought you were and into the quiet knowing, the quiet grandeur of spirit.

The Seven Gates Meditation

Based upon an ancient Egyptian ritual this meditation takes you through the 7 chakras referred to as ‘gates’ by the ancient Egyptians.  Imagine yourself as the initiate, using your own name, and you may imagine the priest or priestess guiding you and instructing you.  Embedded in the meditation are sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid to assist you in your awakening.    

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