“Co-incidences are
Co-created by Self
To put One directly
in tune with their True Self”

                                                    Secrets of the Whispering Heart

Initiation is an advanced version of Invocation using sacred geometry so that the listener experiences acoustics as though they are standing in the center of the King’s chamber. It is important to listen to Invocation and work with it at least several times before moving to Initiation.

You are likely to enter deeper states of consciousness. Your experiences with Initiation are likely to be more vivid. You are more likely to experience time distortion.

The effects is more powerful than Invocation, but similar benefits result. You are likely to become more relaxed, with less ego rambling, and improved creativity and intuition. You are more likely to have joyful experiences during and after listening. Your ability to enter quiet meditation and guided mediation will improve.

It is still important to establish intentionality before listening. Why are you doing this? What is your purpose in doing this?

Like Invocation this is not about dealing with crises but about maintenance of spiritual health so regular use is indicated. It is believed you will find your mood improving and you are more likely to experience emotional epiphanies.