Using the Acoustical Pyramid couldn’t be easier. Get into a nice, comfortable position, put on your headphones, establish your intentions, and listen. Sound canceling headphones work rather well with the Acoustical Pyramid, but we have found ear-buds or just about any type of headphone works well.

One of the keys to benefiting is to establish intentions before you immerse yourself in the sounds. Ask yourself what is your purpose for doing this mediation? (For example, stress relief, healing, improving creativity, better sleep, dream recall, or exploring consciousness.) Then immerse yourself in the sounds and don’t worry about distracting, busy thoughts.

It takes 20 minutes. If you want to listen to the whole album, then go for it! It is suggested you listen for 20 minutes 3-4 times per day with the last listen being at bedtime. Listening just once a day at bedtime can result in deeper sleep and vivid dreams, but the more often you use the Acoustical Pyramid the greater the impact. At a minimum you will obtain calming, stress relief.