“Remove the veils, of your ego
to see…
the beauty of your Soul”

                                                    Secrets of the Whispering Heart


Welcome to the Acoustical Pyramid: Invocation, a meditation album. Using principles of sacred geometry this album uses unique sounds resonating within the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Invocation consists of 4 tracks that are about 20 minutes in length. In the first track you will clearly hear our unique sounds designed to induce a daydream-like state also called a lucid alpha state. The remaining tracks contain several versions of Pachelbel’s Canon in D with the Invocation track embedded as well. These tracks will also induce a lucid alpha state but will provide a different user experience.

If you practice meditation, or would like to practice meditation, you will find the Acoustical Pyramid very helpful. It will help to calm the ego-mind in order to enter a state of peace and quiet. If you want a good night’s sleep, you may also find the Invocation album very helpful. And if you travel you may find it helpful for jet-lag. Benefiting from these sounds does not require belief. There are no subliminal words or suggestions. It’s all about resonance or vibration in the form of sound waves.

Experience 2 minutes of Invocation.

The specified audio player is trashed.

One of the keys to benefiting is to establish intention before you immerse yourself in the sounds. Ask yourself what is your purpose for doing this meditation? (For example, stress relief, healing, improving creativity, better sleep, dream recall or exploring consciousness.) Then immerse yourself in the sounds and don’t worry about distracting, busy thoughts.

We hope you enjoy this experience. Listen as often as you like. However, do not listen to the Acoustical Pyramid while operating a motor vehicle because it does alter consciousness.