Acoustical Pyramid Resurrection

“The more I lost myself
I found the wonder that, I AM
Still there is a lot to explore…”

Secrets of the Whispering Heart

While Invocation and Initiation are simulations of being in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Resurrection is a simulation of lying in what has been called the sarcophagus in the King’s chamber. We prefer the term Resurrection chamber to ‘sarcophagus’ because we are convinced that ‘box’ had nothing to do with death or burying anyone, but it was about life energy and initiation into the priesthood. It is more appropriate to refer to it as a Rejuvenation chamber or Resurrection chamber.

The experience of acoustics within the Resurrection chamber was profound and was referred to by the ancients as entering the ‘eye of Horus’ or the ‘eye of God’.

Before working with Resurrection, it is critically important to work with Invocation and Initiation. They are considered preparatory to Resurrection and that preparation is important to avoid ‘overwhelm’.

Again, it is important to establish your intention before listening to Resurrection and realize it is a more intense experience. As you work with Resurrection you are more likely to experience time distortion, emotional epiphanies, beautiful dream recall, and states of joy. You are likely to experience sensations in your head and body in general.

Once you have prepared yourself by working with Invocation and Initiation you will experience a more intense merger of body, enlightened mind and spirit. One could say that all 3 of the products are about ‘spiritualization’ of the intellect.