This is an unabashedly sent promo for the AP sounds to make the case that when one is going on an intercontinental flight.  You should NEVER leave home without a way have these AP sounds playing in your ears for either one hour before you want to sleep on that long haul flight or to listen for one hour after reaching your hotel room to reduce jet lag!!  I made this very same set of flights (SFO to Amsterdam to Madrid) at the same hours last year (my baseline data) and last year I did NOT sleep at all!!  This not sleeping on long haul flights is my norm and I’ve been on several.  This time with AP playing I fell asleep during the first song!  After arriving at my hotel today I played AP for (?)…I fell asleep immediately and woke up two hours later – refreshed and out walking around Madrid.  My travel mate (deprived without AP was not so lucky).  As for you:  NEVER leave home without your AP sounds!

Marianne Splenda