Attendee, Virginia Beach A.R.E.

Hi Tom, Thank you for your email. I enjoyed your presentation. I especially resonated with the use of popular music & integrating it with the theme of the meditation. It’s something that I did  intuitively on my zoom meditations during the lock-down. I am going to continue thisFall  with a series of meditations on nature.

I look forward to hearing your meditation and what the Gods will allow. Safe travels!!

Virginia Beach A.R.E. Participant

It was a delight to enjoy your A .R.E.  presentation with Marianne. There is a great synergy within the two presentations that certainly complement each other. You are a natural at putting folks at ease and have such a rich speaking voice that lends itself to the messages you convey with obvious researched backstory. I love that you took your speaking opportunity to touch on subjects other than sound, per se.

A Member

I began listening to the sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid about a month ago, I think. I posted a testimonial earlier to the website, but I really want to add something. I have been an active dreamer/dream recaller for decades, but since listening to the sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid there has been a qualitative shift in my dreams, and I want to document an example of that with a dream: I am on a bicycle and I approach a Globe store (they don’t exist anymore but they were sort of a Walmart of their times). I park my bicycle and walk through 2 sliding glass doors, as we often do these days, and I suddenly see a man in front of me. The man tells me he is from heaven. Now, to me he looks physical and I tell him that I thought only spirits existed in heaven. His response was, “no, all things are possible with the Father”. He then discusses that in spirit we are all infinite and that even now longevity is increasing on earth because of that realization. When I awakened my response was “wow”. Days later, my response is “wow”. This is truly profound for me. These sounds are waking me up!

John, Las Cruces, New Mexico

I have had severe back problems for many years, decades in fact. I discovered the sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid quite by accident and it has been wonderful. I still have multi-level degenerative disc disease, but after years of being awakened by pain after 3 hours of sleep, I have been able to get a full night’s sleep by using the sounds of Invocation and Invocation: Spiraling Energy. I plan to soon move to the advanced sounds and am excited about future health benefits. These sounds can change the world.

South Florida area A.R.E. Participant
The sounds were magical, enlightening!

Having the session in the beautiful holiday season with the “Great Conjunction” on its way was significant…and truly elevated my experience of the season….What “Light” you are bringing to the world!

Thank you, again, for the gift of this wonderful program!

Claudia McCarthy, September 10, 2020

Thank you for your presentation last Sunday to the Lexington ARE group,  it was very interesting. During the first set of tones I felt the immediate effect on my heart chakra.  I then saw colors – reds, blues and purples, and then a vision of being underwater in the sea.  Dolphins were swimming near, and one was looking  at me. After that it was basically a sense of relaxation, with a sense of energy running in different areas of the body.

Since I live in Florida now, I have a keen interest to go and see some dolphins.  I do not meditate often at all, but I am going to sign up for the basic subscription and maybe that will inspire me to do it on a more regular basis.

Thank you again, and all good wishes for your future work.

Marianne Splenda
This is an unabashedly sent promo for the AP sounds to make the case that when one is going on an intercontinental flight.  You should NEVER leave home without a way have these AP sounds playing in your ears for either one hour before you want to sleep on that long haul flight or to listen for one hour after reaching your hotel room to reduce jet lag!!  I made this very same set of flights (SFO to Amsterdam to Madrid) at the same hours last year (my baseline data) and last year I did NOT sleep at all!!  This not sleeping on long haul flights is my norm and I’ve been on several.  This time with AP playing I fell asleep during the first song!  After arriving at my hotel today I played AP for (?)…I fell asleep immediately and woke up two hours later – refreshed and out walking around Madrid.  My travel mate (deprived without AP was not so lucky).  As for you:  NEVER leave home without your AP sounds!

Meditations & Illumination Workshop Attendees:
Really beautiful & inspirational (heart emojis).

Thank you for the Acoustical Pyramid.

Resurrection Healing was the the highlight of the program.

Excellent, clear and beautiful experience.


I’m enjoying… going within to hear the small still voice.

Always wanted to meditate in the Great Pyramid.

Journey to the Eye of God: Acoustical Pyramid Sounds & Remembering Who and What We Are Workshop Attendees

The soundings were amazing!  Wow.  Thank you for your work and bringing it to us.  I had very interesting experiences.

He (Dr. Allen) was awesome – personable & knowledgeable.  Information organized and interesting – well presented.

He (Dr. Allen) is going to change lives with this!

The sound/meditation part fabulous!

Sound healing meditations were physically powerful.

Dr. Allen is very passionate about AP, and the AP feels like an exciting new tool for meditation!!!

I have been deeply enriched and expanded by this delicious three days of exploration.

By the way, after the sessions I felt so calm – it lasted for about a week. I really think the sounds had an effect on me. I didn’t want to overeat, I was not nervous or anxious – just calm.