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It’s spring here in East Texas. Temperatures are gradually warming, and humidity is rising. On the morning of the Spring Equinox I opened the garage door. I had been experiencing anxiety and fear with the pandemic coursing through our world. I stood at the edge of the open garage. I could hear a gentle rain falling as I watched droplets fall into little puddles on my driveway. I could see a part of my yard and that of my neighbors next door and across the street. The grasses were turning green. Large oak trees seemed to be kneeling in prayer to the rain. They seemed to be honoring the rain, receiving it prayerfully. All sorts of birds were singing and flitting about from tree to tree. It all seemed so gentle. It all seemed so perfect. The sounds of the gentle rain and the sounds of the birds seemed to merge into a quiet stillness. In the midst of a pandemic griping our world with illness, death and fear, I was experiencing this. I began gradually realizing and perceiving beauty. Somehow within the trees, within the sounds, beauty became pervasive. Beauty flowed as an energy. It was between the sounds; it was between the leaves of the trees. It was in the cloudy sky; it was between and within the droplets of rain. The beauty seemed so gentle and yet so powerful. It seemed to be working a mysterious magic. It was a magic of love and a quiet joy. Fear left me in that moment of eternity. I realized the beauty is always there, in everything we see or hear or touch or smell or taste. That beauty, that love pervades through and within everything on this earth plane. It is always there. It is the Truth. It is All-That-is-God. As I write this two days later the sun is rising, bathing the house in its light and warmth before the clouds come again. The sunrise is beautiful. I am grateful for the gift of this experience. I am perceiving with my heart. I think it’s a healthy thing to do anytime, but especially now.