As I play with the acoustics of the Acoustical Pyramid, I continue to discover and experience new insights.  Recently I have been listening to the “Advanced Resurrection” and “Advanced Ascension” acoustic patterns when it dawned on me that something interesting was happening.  On multiple occasions I, and others, have noted a sense of rejuvenation associated with listening to these sounds, and I had been wondering about that.  Why the sense of rejuvenation?  I remembered that according to the Edgar Cayce material (EC 294-150)[1], when Ra-Ta, the high priest of ancient Egypt, returned to Egypt after his exile in Nubia, he returned an old man and many feared that he would not be able to continue his previous duties as they had desired. Ra-Ta, however, chose to withdraw to the Temple Beautiful for the next 7 years.  The Edgar Cayce readings also indicate that one healing strategy Ra-Ta used was that of sound that attuned each cell and each chakra of his body to its original Divine frequency. Along with using sound as a therapy, Ra-Ta let go of “regret, self-loathing, lingering bitterness, revenge, all of it! Released. Dropped. No more!”[2] Ra-Ta had released what had aged him.  He had spent those 7 years rejuvenating his body, mind and spirit and as a result he lived an additional 100 years for the purpose of assisting in the creation of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

As I listened to Advanced Resurrection and Advanced Ascension, each on one occasion during the day, I realized thoughts and feelings were coming to me “out of the blue”.  The thoughts and feelings were not memories of terrible traumas.  Many of them were simply “left-over” stresses of the day while some were instances of past recent and remote conflicts that maybe had not been fully released.  As these thoughts and feelings came up, I had a hunch to “let the sounds wash them away” so that is what I did.  It was as though dusty spider webs were being washed from my mind.  I knew I could keep them if I wanted to, but who would want to do that?  I went with the “flow”, I went with the cleansing that was occurring.  I had been listening for 40 minutes and when I got up to go about my day, I felt really good.  Peace was with me.  I felt freedom.  I had experienced more rejuvenation.  I had again touched the Quiet of Spirit.  You too can do this, and I hope you give it a try as you realize what is going on.  Release what has aged you.

Peace and Joy,

Tom Allen, PhD


[1] Edgar Casey Reading #294-150 Original Words:  “He lay down the material weaknesses, and from those sources of regeneration recreated the body in its elemental forces for the carrying on of that which these material positions gave the opportunity for: leaving the first records of the world from that day until when there is the change in the race.”
[2] “Venture Inward”, July-Sept 2014, “How Ra-Ta Rejuvenated Himself” by John Van Auken, pages 25-27

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