Spring is coming. The equinox on March 20 marks the beginning of a new season of growth and renewal. These natural energies can be harnessed for our own spiritual growth, renewal, and manifestations as well. We can use these natural energies for our own creativity and manifestation. In what seems a time of overwhelming chaos and darkness, we can harness the energy of renewal to form a brighter future, a higher resonance. Remember, all the universe is resonance – vibration. We can change the density of our world and create a lighter future – literally. This is the time for action. We’ve been learning and preparing our entire lives for a time of change and it is upon us. It is a time to follow spirit into the higher vibrations. As we align more with spirit, we release our heavy burdens and are lighter, thus the world is lighter.

The Acoustical Pyramid (AP) can help with this process. The energies of the AP allow you to more easily work with issues that are holding you back. The spiraling energy patterns found in our March 2021 releases allow your past and future selves to help you with this process. These energy patterns connect you to your soul and all of its manifestations across time and can ‘wash away’ blockages and hindrances. The sounds can advance your vibration to not only a calmer experience of life but open you to new potentials. These new releases involve sounds that include vibrations of our solar system to expand resonance to new heights. Invite the heavens into your heart. Let your soul touch the stars. When combined with the natural rhythms of spring, you will find amazing new insights. You will be able to let go of ideas that are not serving you and step into a new version of yourself. A you that is lighter and free to imagine a new world. A you that is more knowing and can take steps to manifest a brighter realty for yourself and those around you. Find yourself in the Quiet Mind of Spirit and allow it to move you, to change you. These sounds, any of them, induce a gentle state of Grace and you can sense that state of Grace as you open your heart to it.

These acoustical patterns will continue to include the “Om” sound, which is important to spiritual awakening and balancing spirit, mind, and body. These new advanced sounds are quite powerful. We hope you benefit from these sound patterns on your path to At-One-Ment. If you listen to these sounds toward the evening hours with appropriate desire and intention your dream recall will improve. Whatever you are working on will manifest more quickly. A new season is here, a new beginning, a new opportunity to blossom with the flowers, releasing the winter of chaos and emerging into a new world as its co-creator.

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