Intuition and the Acoustical Pyramid
by Kevin Ryerson

Intuition is commonly regarded as a flash of insight, a gut feeling or (to some) a psychic hit, but it is actually much more than any of these. It is a universal mental capacity for the direct acquisition of knowledge apart from reasoning, memory and the five senses. Throughout history intuition, drawing on an innate reservoir in the deeper levels of the unconscious mind, has enabled man’s greatest acts of creativity, insight, inspiration and understanding. Over the last century the intuitive process has gradually become somewhat better understood and accepted and can now be seen as an immense human potential for acquiring understanding, knowledge, and insight.

Using the intuitive process presents the latest discoveries in the workings of acoustical resonance on consciousness and its applications to individual daily life and in all professional areas that depend upon information and knowledge for their advances. These new findings were obtained by an adaption of the intuitive consensus process developed at the Center for Applied Intuition, a San Francisco organization that functioned from 1977 to 1993, through interaction with a team of “expert intuitives”-individuals who developed their natural intuitive ability into a refined skill. This website ( describes the conditions under which acoustical resonance through the Acoustical Pyramid sounds can be used to access deep meditation states, and the results of several applicational experiments in the field of acoustical resonance.

I have collaborated with scientists such as Dr. Walter Semkiw, Dr Jeffery Mischlove, and Dr. William Kautz, a former staff research scientist at SRI. Dr. Kautz’s book “Opening the Inner Eye” documents the use of expert intuitives in research on earthquakes, AIDS, SIDS, and other subject matters of benefit to the human community. I have now applied the experience mentioned above to explore the development and application of the benefits of acoustical resonance with Dr. Thomas Allen Ph.D.

It is my proposal that the principals of acoustical resonance used in the Acoustical Pyramid sounds is already a provable phenomenon and that we are in a position to apply this natural human resource to the betterment of individuals and society. I invite the reader to look at societies and cultures who already make open use of such concepts. There are many such as Tibet, Aboriginal Peoples, India, etc.

I am hoping that there can be a conversation based on the premise that in the Majority World techniques such as used in the Acoustical Pyramid is already a practiced value system. On a daily basis billions of persons practice these that demonstrate the validity of this value system the same way that every day there are scientific experiments that hold together our world view. In Tibet, India, Peru, China, Japan etc. there are thousands of doctors, engineers, artists, architects working with such a world view in daily practice.

It is not my intention to be the sole intellectual or spiritual arbitrator of this premise. It is my hope that as we gather ideas, methods, technology, wisdom, healing etc. we will be able to reach a level of complexity where a natural synergy will occur, and we will be able to do some serious reality engineering for the betterment of our society and culture with such resources as the resonance technology utilized in the Acoustical Pyramid sounds.