New Sounds Have Been Posted

We are excited to introduce the product of much diligent work: Healing Prayer I in Loretto Capel. These sounds were designed with the intent to help with tissue regeneration and DNA repair. This file has been added to the Advanced Section: Kundalini flow/Binaural Beats. You will be able to hear the background frequencies that are doing the real work here, but I have masked them with music from Steven Halpern with his permission. The music is from his album Deep Alpha and uses tracks 1-4. The frequencies are especially apparent between the tracks.

As a spiritualist and a scientist, I am always interested in both the anecdotal experiences of Acoustical Pyramid users and any data that validates those experiences. To that end, I have begun some preliminary work to show how brain waves are affected by use of the Acoustical Pyramid. I have been using the Muse 2 to measure brainwaves with my sounds. The Muse 2 is a pretty handy device that can be linked to other software allowing for further analysis. It’s not as sophisticated as a Quantitative EEG, but good enough for some preliminary assessments (and much less expensive). Using this device, I find all of the sounds are effective at inducing a restorative meditative state, without exception.

Using the Muse 2, I listened to the new track, Healing Prayer I in Loretto Chapel. As you can see on the chart below, I definitely went into a state dominated by Alpha brain waves and Delta waves. Beta and gamma waves dropped dramatically when I began listening to the file. This demonstrates a deep meditative state which supports my own experience of restoration. Daily use of this track is suggested.

Brain Waves


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