By Thomas G. Allen, Ph.D.

Imagine priests and initiates to the priesthood advancing up the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid at Giza, their chants vibrating off the walls of that now ancient structure. Their resonating chants combining to provide a mind-altering state of consciousness. What did that look like and what did it sound like? We can only imagine what it was like during those rituals in the Great Pyramid by the time of its completion in 10,390 B.C. according to Edgar Cayce. What was unique about the King’s chamber, and the “sarcophagus”, that made the resonating sounds of “Om”, and probably other sounds, so important? What was it like to lie in the “sarcophagus”, hearing those chants? And why did the experience seem to be so important to the Egypt of Ra-Ta in 10,390 B.C.? Edgar Cayce said the pyramids were built with sound: “…just as indicated in the building of the pyramids, the house of records as well as the chamber in which the records are built in stone-these were put together by song” (2462-2). The King’s Chamber, and probably the entire Great Pyramid, was designed in specific ways to alter consciousness. The Egypt of Ra-Ta was all about spirituality so it is fair to assume the chanting and meditation rituals were all about raising spiritual vibrations. Can we experience the wonders of these practices and achieve altered states without traveling to Egypt? I have spent 25 years working to recreate the sound experiences of the priests and initiates so that people could reach deeper levels of consciousness and higher levels of vibration.

The Acoustical Pyramid (AP) is a simulation of being in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza while listening to the “sounds of creation”, or specific sound resonance patterns that align the chakras and stimulate the eye of Horus, or the “third eye”. I found that not only were the sounds important, the dimensions of the chamber were critical in learning to “focus” the sounds to simulate being there. In his book, Edgar Cayce’s Tales of Ancient Egypt, John Van Auken provides wonderful insights into the information provided by Cayce regarding ancient Egypt, its temples, and the Great Pyramid. The book reminds us of the importance of ritual, music, and chanting for as John Van Auken reminds us, according to Cayce it was important to use chanting that “carries self deeper—deeper–to the seeing, feeling, experiencing of that image in the creative forces of love, the raising of this, see it disseminated through the inner eye to that which will bring the greater understanding in meeting every condition in the experience of the body. Then, listen to the music that is made as each center of your own body responds to that new Creative Force” (281-13). By the time I read John Van Auken’s book I found myself even more excited about this project I had been working on for over 25 years.

The AP website ( has several versions of the King’s chamber experience.

1. Invocation is a simulation of the sound experiences one would obtain if standing in the King’s chamber.

2. Initiation is a high definition (HD) version of Invocation

3. Resurrection is a simulation of the sound experiences one would obtain while lying in the Resurrection or Rejuvenation chamber within the King’s chamber. At the current time Invocation has four sound tracks. The first track involves the ‘raw’ sounds. The following three tracks, using the same AP sounds, include some music to mask the underlying sounds that do the real work. In a session with Atun-Re, channeled by Kevin Ryerson a couple of years ago, he referred to the sounds (acoustics) I was using as “the sounds of creation”. With that phrase I knew I was onto something, and I believe it was consistent with what Edgar Cayce had said. With all three versions we have the experiences of the initiates in the King’s chamber and not just hearing, but allowing the sounds of creation to attune “….each center of your own body” as noted above. The energy centers of the body, the chakras, respond to these sounds of creation. Just listening will take you deeper and deeper into spirit, letting go of the material world. While listening or after listening to the special acoustics of the AP, people have had varying experiences, all of them positive to date, but as Cayce noted…. “what might be healing for one might be distracting for another…. (1861-12)”. There appear to be individual differences in responding. All the sounds are designed to raise your consciousness and allow healing for mind and body. Different people even hear different sounds! One woman I spoke with reported she heard the roar of a lion. Others have reported hearing bells or piano sounds. The AP sounds do not include the sounds of lions, pianos or bells. I and others have found that with regular use epiphanies emerge that provide insights into life, into self, and frequently there are experiences of love, joy and creative surges that at times are truly amazing. All such experiences have a healing impact and I have found myself much more appreciative of my life, and life itself, but why? As a psychologist I learned long ago that healing the mind, healing the emotions, helps to heal the body. Edgar Cayce made a number of references to “vibration” and its importance: “Vibration is, in its simple essence or word, raising the Christ Consciousness in self to such an extent as it may flow out of self to him thou would direct it to…What produces same? These are the vibrations to which a body has raised by its attunement of its whole being, its whole inner self, or a consciousness of the divine force that emanates in Life itself in this material plane” (281-7). I believe that is what the AP sounds are doing.

Atun-Re, channeled by Kevin Ryerson, refers to the “sarcophagus” as either the Rejuvenation chamber or the Resurrection chamber. I like those terms because as Atun-Re confirmed to me it was never a “sarcophagus” as so many claim. I came to use the term Resurrection chamber because I think it reflects what Cayce said about “spiritualization”, but I assure you the acoustics in Resurrection have a wonderful rejuvenating quality among other things. The sounds of Resurrection simulate being in that “sarcophagus” in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid. To gain maximum impact, without going into overwhelm, I encourage people to work in a sequence, first with Invocation, then Invocation 1.5 and then Resurrection. This is not a one-off thing as it requires genuine intent to follow a spiritual path, just as did the initiates in ancient Egypt, and you have to pay attention to that “still small voice”, insights, emotional changes, and revelations that will occur. You may notice pleasant synchronistic events occurring in your life as your resonance changes.

At the invitation of the A.R.E. of Northern California I presented the Acoustical Pyramid story and the acoustics in November, 2018 at the Asilomar Conference Center near Monterey, California. It was an incredible venue and I met many wonderful people. I can’t recall all of them, but they included people in health care, art, dance, education and even a cyber security expert. There were 81 people there, most of them A.R.E. members, and a few who were new to the work of Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E. The attendees provided encouraging and positive feedback either to me personally or by their program evaluations. At that point I had always used ear buds or headphones to listen to the sounds and I was concerned that presenting them ambiently in a large hall might not be effective. I was wrong. We had a great sound man and people reported interesting experiences in response to the sounds, and a few of them had outright psychic experiences. It appears the sounds of the AP give you what you are ready for and can handle at the time. Again, Cayce made other references to the importance of “vibration” or resonance: “As is understood, Life-God-in its essence is vibration…” (281-4).

How to work with the AP Sounds

Even though I work quite a bit with Resurrection, I still work with Invocation and Initiation. Sometimes I listen for 20 minutes, but sometimes I listen for 40 minutes or even an hour depending on my needs and impulses at the time. Sometimes I listen in sequence: Invocation, Initiation, and then Resurrection. Using these acoustics I have had a variety of psychic experiences. When I listen at bedtime I almost always have fascinating dream recall. I am an avid dreamer and keep one of those dream journals you should never leave home without. I also frequently enter into states I call “imaginative reverie”. Like most men, and like most psychologists, I tend to be very left brain, word oriented and logical. Since I began using the Acoustical Pyramid sounds I realized I was having these episodes of imaginative reverie. They are like waking dreams in which the creative juices are flowing, instead of words I experience images and joyful feelings. I have found myself being sort of mesmerized by nature and art and music. I don’t just listen to music anymore, I feel it. I don’t just look at art anymore, I feel that too. And Mother Nature is a big ‘wow’ for me….the splendor, the grandeur of the trees, the birds, and if I pass a batch of flowers I often stand mesmerized by their color and texture. In short, I have begun “thinking” with my heart. My thinking has become spiritualized. I have become a different person. As I write this on a chilly Sunday morning the sun is rising in glorious shades of orange with patches of blue sky, and I gasp at the beauty and stare at the wonder I feel within.

I had been working with Invocation for about two years when we finally got the Resurrection acoustics completed. No easy task. We had intended and hoped that Resurrection would stimulate the “third eye” or the eye of Horus as the Egyptians referred to it. I asked Kevin Ryerson to listen to it and his report about the effects replicated my experience exactly, providing further clinical validation of my work. When I first heard Resurrection I was pleasantly struck by the sensations in my head. Knowing a bit about the human brain and nervous system I could feel vibrations in my brain stem and in the pineal and pituitary regions
deep in the brain. Frankly, I was amazed. As I worked with Resurrection I found myself going deeper and deeper into meditative states. Sometimes it feels as though an hour has passed when I had listened for only 20 minutes. On other occasions I might listen for an hour and it feels as though 5 minutes has passed. Time perception definitely shifts ‘at times’. The material world disappears. Working with Invocation and Resurrection has opened my heart. Patterns of emotions and thinking have changed in me. I “see” things differently now. I feel things. I am convinced these acoustics have changed the neural connections in the brain, not only helping to ignite the third eye, but connecting right and left brain functions. I believe these acoustics are an important part of the maintenance of spiritual health and should be used regularly. Here are some suggestions about using the AP sounds:

  1. Listen to one or all three versions on a daily basis for maintenance of spiritual health.
  2. Use one version or another frequently at bed time.
  3. Clearly state your intent before listening to any of the versions. Sometimes my intent involves healing, sometimes it involves stress relief, and sometimes it involves creative inspiration. Whatever your intent, make it clear and real. Sometimes I just let whatever happens just happen. Use of the AP will actually help to clarify intent over time.
  4. Pray after listening, or do a manifestation meditation. Purpose there must also be stated clearly. Sometimes the prayers or meditations may be about personal issues, and sometimes they may be about global issues.
  5. Consistent with guidance given by Cayce, while listening to the AP in whatever version, but usually with Invocation, often imagine each of the chakras flowing with their energy. Imagine that energy filling you, feeling each resonance in the color of each chakra. You are likely to have an energy-filled day of peace and that imaginative reverie I have spoken of.

There are many valuable possible effects from the use of the AP that I cannot anticipate, but I am sure I will hear about people’s experiences that will expand my knowledge and understanding. Edgar Cayce spoke of the coming of a new world, the new Atlantis. Using the AP sounds helps to release an “old self” to allow a “newer self” more in line with your spiritual ideals to come forth. I believe that if you want to be a part of that new Atlantis, you have to change your resonance, your vibrations, and that “old self” just won’t do anymore. I see resonance as the key to reality creation. As Cayce said, “thoughts are things” (105-2) and “mind is the builder” (93-1), but I don’t think ego mind is what he was talking about. I believe the key to that new world is resonance. Recall that Edgar Cayce spoke of the physical body, the mental body and the spiritual body, and these represent a range of the human experience from the ego to soul. The ego seems to “see” only separation, but there is really only one Self, and it is connected to All That Is God. What is the bridge from self to Self? The mind. The sounds of the Acoustical Pyramid can raise the resonance of that mind to put you in touch with the Self. Consistent with Cayce, Seth said, channeled through Jane Roberts, “you get what you focus on, there is no other main rule”. Everything is energy, vibration, resonance, including your thoughts and emotions. Raising your resonance to the energies of peace, of love, of joy, the Acoustical Pyramid represents a doorway to that world, to that new Atlantis. It helps you, if you are willing, to see beauty, to experience joy and love, to have a heartfelt understanding of yourself, of others, and of life itself. The Acoustical Pyramid spiritualizes the intellect and helps to set aside the ego, especially when you take time to pray for best outcomes. I have found “manifestation meditations” and prayer to be much more powerful after I listen to the Acoustical Pyramid. Resonance is the doorway to the new Atlantis. Resonate to the beauty for appreciation of beauty is a key to love, peace and joy.

Welcome to that new Atlantis within you.

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